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How can my plugin use Craft's native dragdrop support

I am using a generic Garnish modal from Craft like so: $container = $('.upload-modal'); $modal = new Garnish.Modal($container, { autoShow: false }); I would like to have craft's native drag&...
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Sprout plugin: Send information in AJAX success response

I'm using Sprout for registering to events, I want to be able to send a code in the AJAX response when EVENT_AFTER_SAVE occurs. At the moment, I get {success: true} back, but I want to be able to get {...
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XMLHttpRequest Craft Commerce Cart Update Issues

When using XMLHttpRequest to update cart like the following, I get a 500 error for 'lineItems': {[lineitem]: {'qty': value}} (and also {[lineitem]: {'remove': true}}, any other submission works); var ...
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How can I edit multiple entries via multiple front-end forms using Vue.js?

I found this post. However, writing a plugin in currently not an option, and I'd like to do this with Vue.js since I'm already using it for form validation & other stuff. Also, this involves ...
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Refresh "hidden" template after login with ajax

I am trying to create a seamless user login interaction with a modal form using ajax. Let's say I have a navigation template _navigation.html <div> {% if currentUser %} {{ currentUser }}...
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How to access logged in CSRF token?

I’m currently using react as a font end SPA with craft cms as the backend. I’m trying to create user accounts where a user use can sign up and favourite content on the site, using the Like for craft ...
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Include with AJAX

I am fighting since days with this situation: I have a Select field with around 150 item and depending on a selected item a list of icons and names should be shown (around 50). The list of items (...
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Need help with filtering entries by a custom field using ajax with pagination

I'm fairly new to CraftCMS and am stuck with a little filtering issue. I'm trying to filter a page of entries by a custom field. I'd like to use Ajax so there is no page reload. Here's how I have the ...
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SquareBit Charge Plugin: How to retrieve error messages from failed ajax call?

This is a continuation of How could I submit the Charge plugin using Ajax? I'm using the Charge plugin to handle my Stripe payments. I'm having to use ajax to submit the charge form before submitting ...
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Find category through ajax using ElementCriteriaModel

I'm trying to run a controller action with ajax in a new plugin I'm making. The action needs to return all categories from a group, so nothing impossible here. When I run the actionUrl in the ...
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Submit Dropdown with ajax

This works for me, but i would like to solve this with ajax without reloading the page. Choosing the values from the Dropdowns and submit the data per POST Method, so i can return the value with "...
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How to get a param from an ajax request in twig?

Ok this has been puzzling me for too long now! I have some code that makes an ajax request: reqAjax: { type: 'get', url: '/mytemplatefolder/myfile.html', data: {town: 'bournemouth'} } ...
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Add to cart via Ajax (sometimes) results in abandoned carts and invalid CSRF

In Craft Commerce, I am using the Blitz Cache plugin. My "add to cart"-button uses ajax to add the product to the cart. This is the twig-code for the form: <form method="post" ...
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Ajax entry save error 403

I have a front end form submitting via ajax that was working fine. Im now starting to see 403 exception - something craft is now forbidding. There is no error in the response object. I have the ...
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Load Entries after click (AJAX)

I try to load a entry after a button is clicked, currently my code looks like this: This is generating a 404 error. Dunno why? <?php /** * PopUp plugin for Craft CMS 3.x * * test * * @link ...
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Contact form plugin ajax submit URL not working

I am using contact form plugin for forms in my craft website. For avoiding page redirection, I followed ajax submit for the form, but it is not redirected to controller code. My form is as below:- ...
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CSRF token could not be verified - ajax

I've got a Craft plugin that returns some results based on filter options on the front end. The filter sends an ajax submissions and returns the markup to populate the front end with. I've read the ...
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