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1 answer

What value does actionInput provide?

What is the value in using a hidden actionInput vs an action attribute on a form? <form method="post"> {{ actionInput('path/to/controller-action') }} </form> vs <form ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Display message on logout (flash?)

I have looked through previous questions and answers, but don't see the following clearly explained. When my users visit /logout, they are successfully logged out and redirected to the website's ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Ignore 'action' querystring parameter

Is there a way to ignore part of a querystring if it contains the parameter "action"? We have a 3rd party site which returns to one of our sites and they append "&action=something&...
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Call controller from controller passing arguments

new to CraftCMS - I'm building a website that has to handle two different APIs, where the user logs into API-1 and after succeeding the website has to call an other API checking for a status while ...
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URL passthrough rewrite failing when using actionInput

We are experiencing some issues with form submissions on websites that are using action inputs. If a visitor denies analytics_storage via a cookie consent plug-in. Google Tagmanager will start using ...
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