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Get query of autoinjection in case the entry is not found

Is there a way to get the element query which is/was executed by Craft to autoinject the corresponding entry into the template? (even if it fails) I would like to catch it in case of a 404 to return a ...
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New Installation on Windows 10 IIS, cannot get to admin control panel, getting "Template not found: unavailable"

I am in process of doing a new installation of CraftCMS, and I have the site up and configured. When I select the "Go to your control panel" link I am getting a Craft 404 error: "HTTP ...
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404 Error for assets where "Base URL" and "File system path" are different

I am new to Craft 3 and I have seen similar questions asked many but never answered. I want to store my images in a directory that is not public, yet I want them to be served correctly by Craft. The ...
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If an entry doesn't exist in a locale and returns a 404, how can I check if the entry exists in a different locale?

I'm trying to create a mechanism for informing users that a particular entry is not available in the selected language, and providing a link to read the article in an alternative language. Therefore, ...
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HTTP 400 – Bad Request – yii\web\BadRequestHttpException

Hi I'm getting this error on every other save when in the page editor in Craft CMS: HTTP 404 – Not Found – yii\web\NotFoundHttpException Draft not found The only things I am certain of are: The error ...
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404 accessing the admin site - not rewrite related

I'm struggling with a downloaded copy of a clients Craft 3 based website. I've downloaded the entire project, and have tweaked the .env file and .htaccess for my local mac's setup. The site itself ...
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How can I best troubleshoot a 404 error loading a template from a previous iteration of my site?

I had a Craft Site, which I'll refer to here as the old site. I replaced it with a new site on the same server. To do this I overwrote the old site's database and files. I kept the old site's public ...
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I set up a local environment. I can log in, but if I select the site icon or preview I get a 404 message

HTTP 404 – Not Found – yii\web\NotFoundHttpException Template not found: $DEFAULT_SITE_URL 1. in /Users/brenbauer/morphd/craft3/vendor/craftcms/cms/src/controllers/TemplatesController.php at line 90 ...
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404 shows "Internal Server Error" only on staging environment

Might be a duplicate, but couldn't find this exact question here. I have a pretty basic 404.twig template that should be catching things, as described here: ...
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