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How do you manage master db across multiple environments? [duplicate]

I've just started my first Craft site locally and it's all good so far.. a little further down the road, I'll need to then deploy regularly to integration/test/stage and production environments. I'm ...
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Git Workflow and Multi Environment - how to approach

I'd like to be able to use git version control with Craft. Is this possible and if it is what is the best approach to ensure that all files/assets and the database are properly synced across local, ...
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Migrating a whole website between Craft instances

A developer built our site locally configured as "". At the same time, my sysadmin was busy getting Craft installed with Apache on our Linux server. He set that up with our real domain and ...
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Best practice on importing Craft db backups?

Our team's typical workflow is pull from repo, delete craft tables, import latest db backup, work locally. We don't want everyone working on the dev server db for early development, because we'll be ...
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Recommended workflow when developing new websites

A common workflow for me when building a web page is the following. I'm getting a PSD-file (Photoshop) from a external advertising agency Build the site in Webflow and then export to plain html/css/...
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What are the best practices for the development setup?

I've started with Craft developing all locally. The struggle for me when working locally was synchronizing the database and the backend assets with coworkers on the same project. In the last project ...
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Correct way to set up development and production environments for Craft?

I'm setting up a new site using Craft and would like to know what's the best way to manage dev and production environments? For instance, keeping entries/fields/ and control panels configurations sane ...
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How to create a migration for the main Craft DB?

Let's say we add a section or other elements (field, category, tags, assets, etc) in the CP on our dev servers and want to roll that change out to a stage or production environment, is there a way to ...
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Updating Craft cause broken git and merge conflict

I've got a local db and install of Craft as well as a remote. I'm pushing to bitbucket from my local Mamp environment then pulling from bitbucket to my server via ssh. I recently updated Craft by ...
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Update fields structure from local to production

How can I change fields/sections structure locally while having a live site and then upload the new structure, without wiping the production site? In Wordpress ACF you can just Sync the fields ...
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Synching content and template files across environments

I'm new to CraftCMS and have a few basic questions about synching contents between local and remote development environments. This has been discussed in other posts by I'm looking for more specific ...
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Database: Syncing "craft_fields" table through SQL dumps not possible?

I've been trying to simply sync an addition to a matrix field building block from my local dev server to the live environment database by doing a SQL dump of the "craft_fields" table. I now have the ...
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Tracking SQL queries from CP changes

We are developing over multiple environments and production stages, and we would like to be able to track the SQL changes that happen when we make a change to entries etc. on the CP. The changes don't ...
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