I've the following situation:

Accommodations (entry)

  • title
  • description (textfield)
  • ...
  • linkedTo (matrix block)
    • Sport (category)
    • targetGroup (category)
    • minimumAge (number)
    • maximumAge (number)

What I'm trying to do is fetch all entries (accommodations) related to a sport and targetGroup for a person of a certain age. E.g.: Entries for children with the age of 11 years in the targetGroup 'men/boys' and the sport 'football'.

Finding elements using relatedTo works for me, except I'm not able to filter the age. I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong here. I think it's not possible in craft to find textfield values via the relatedTo method, but the question is: How should I do this?

private function get ()
    $sport      = $this->findSelectedBySlug('football');
    $targetGroup    = $this->findSelectedBySlug('men-boys');
    $age            = 11;

    $wheres = [
            'targetElement' => $sport,
            'field' => "linkedTo.sport"
            'targetElement' => $targetGroup,
            'field' => "linkedTo.targetGroup"
            'targetElement' => "<= {$age}",
            'field' => "linkedTo.minimumAge"
            'targetElement' => "> {$age}",
            'field' => "linkedTo.maximumAge"

    $criteria = craft()->elements->getCriteria(ElementType::Entry);
    $criteria->section = 'accomodations';
    $criteria->relatedTo = $wheres;

    return $criteria->find();
private function findSelectedBySlug ($slug)
    $criteria = craft()->elements->getCriteria(ElementType::Category);

    $criteria->slug = $slug;

    return $criteria->first();

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You're right, this isn't possible with setting relatedTo parameters. But you can pass your ElementCriteriaModel (with all other parameters set) to the buildElementsQuery method, to prepare a DbCommand object. You can now modify the query as you need (→ Craft documentation for Database Queries).

Use join to bring in the "matrixblocks" table and also your Matrix field's content table "matrixcontent_mymatrixfield". Then add the min. and max age conditions with andWhere.

private function addAgeCriteria(ElementCriteriaModel $criteria, $age)
    $query = craft()->elements->buildElementsQuery($criteria);

    $params = array(
        ':age' => $age

    $conditions = array('and',
        'matrixcontent_mymatrixfield.field_linkedTo_minimumAge <= :age',
        'matrixcontent_mymatrixfield.field_linkedTo_maximumAge >= :age'

    $query->andWhere($conditions, $params);

    $query->join('matrixblocks matrixblocks', 'matrixblocks.ownerId = entries.id');
    $query->join('matrixcontent_mymatrixfield matrixcontent_mymatrixfield', 'matrixcontent_mymatrixfield.elementId = matrixblocks.id');

    $results = $query->queryAll();

    return EntryModel::populateModels($results);

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