I have some categories, and with the use of a category field a user can select these from within his / her profile.

Which is shown in the image:

enter image description here

In my Twig template I can get the user selections out using the following code.

{% set property_prefs = craft.categories({
    relatedTo: { sourceElement: currentUser, field: "propertyPreference" },
    limit:     null
}) %}

But what I want to know is how can I programmatically save a user selection using the API from within my plugin.

Also, which table are these stored in?

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I had to do something similar to this in a plugin recently, Inserting Relationship Into Entries Field - Plugin Not Saving Relation, I know it's users to an entry field but I would assume the methods are similar.

So you will need 3 things in order to save a users categories

1. The Craft\FieldModel of the field which has the associations

$field = craft()->fields->getFieldByHandle('propertyPreference');

2. The source, in this case the matrix block that has the field

$source = craft()->matrix->getBlockById(<someId>);

3. An array of element id's you wish to relate to the field

$relations = $user->propertyPreference->ids();

Once you have those you can edit the $relations array however you see fit and then simply save the relations back

craft()->relations->saveRelations($field , $source, $relations);

You can find out more about the save relations function in the class reference

As for which table, I would assume they are in craft_relations


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