I'm trying to limit the amount of characters by adding the 'limiter' plugin to the redactor field which can be found here:


I've added the limiter.js file to my /craft/app/resources/lib/redactor/plugins folder.

Next I changed the Standard.json in /craft/config/redactor/Standard.json to

 focus: true,
 limiter: 20,
 buttons: ['html','formatting','bold','italic','unorderedlist','orderedlist','link','image','video'],
 plugins: ['fullscreen','limiter'],
 toolbarFixedBox: true

Unfortunately it doesn't work. Anybody a good suggestion how I can fix this easily. Thanks!

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You have to add the JS with a Craft plugin, either a custom one making use of includeJsResource (see this answer for code example) or with the Control Panel JS plugin.

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