Sorry if this is asked/answered elsewhere. I tried to search for it with no success.

Suppose I have a common group of fields that I want to include in different entry types, and each entry will have unique data entered in the fields. A concrete example is:

SEO / Meta

  • meta title
  • meta description
  • meta keywords

Later on I want to remove the "meta keywords" field from every entry type that has this "field group". Is there a way — preferably with core Craft abilities — to set it up so I can update the field group in one place and not have to touch every entry type?

A matrix field with max 1 would get the job done but feels plain wrong for this.

I have the feeling there is another way I just don't know about yet.

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No, field groups are just a way to have your fields grouped in the field layout designer and fields index page. Another advantage is the possibility to drag a whole group in the designer to create a new tab.

Approaches, other than a max 1 Matrix field you mentioned, that I can think of are:

  • multiple predefined rows in a Table field
  • multiple predefined rows in a Set Table field, which allows you to have a read only "Label" column and set a max rows
  • custom solution implementing a new field type that has multiple input fields
  • Thanks @carlcs. Nice to know what the options are, and this might be a job for a plugin rather than the overhead of another matrix (from what I've read they should be used sparingly). I have to admit I tried to think of some similar use cases and didn't come up with much (maybe too brain-dead now, or in general). So I'll spare them the feature request :-) Commented May 14, 2015 at 21:15

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