When using Inline Transforms in a template and also when the image transform is set in the Image Transforms section of the control panel then say my images folder is located at :


And say I create an Image Transform called Square 100 [square100] (in either way mentioned above), the folder with the transformed images get saved to :


Is there any way to prevent this because I'd like to be able to upload images to a certain folder but then have the URL not shown in any way so people can't find the original files. At the moment you can tell that they are in a folder called images and all you'd need to do to access them is to delete the /_square100 part from the URL.

I tried taking a look at the config variables but couldn't see anything pertaining to this sort of thing or perhaps I'm missing it somewhere?

Many thanks,


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Currently the answer is no. Those paths are hard set in the code.

Sounds like something for the feedback site, though. Be sure and share your use case.


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