I have a controller function creating attributes for a model from posted data and sending them to a service to save the data.

Everything seems to be working correctly if I do a print_r in the service function before using setAttributes it is returning the posted data correctly with the changed attribute value. However when I use


The array that is printed after is using the database values so it is not setting the new attribute as the function suggests.

I have read other posts which suggest there may be a bug with the setAttributes function and a work around setting each post item individually (not ideal) plus I have tried this and it produces the same result.

Am I missing something obvious as to why the setAttributes is not updating the $record variable with the new $model attributes?


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Are you/how are you validating the values? What I found was that it was a validation issue. If a value isn't considered valid, it will be ignored.

For example:

Going along with @Stuart Whitehead comments, right here is proof: "AttributeType::String does not apply any validation rules." Which is why that field was not getting populated.

Check out this thread I think it will have everything you are looking for.


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