I am stuck on saving entry with a category field. The error message I get is about not being able to create/update the entry in the relations table.

$accomodationTypecategory = ['title'=>'Hotel']

$entry = new EntryModel();
$entry->sectionId = 3;
$entry->typeId = 3;
$entry->authorId = 1;
$entry->enabled = true;
        'title' => 'Test Entry', 
        'body' => "Testing", 
        'address'=>"101 Silver Avenue",


Any help will be appreciated.


To set a related category (or any other kind of element) you will want to pass an array of categoryIds (elementIds) — even if, as in this case, there is only one category or element. You can either set the ID as a static value if it's predefined or dynamically look it up based on the title, slug or any other unique element attribute.

$criteria = craft()->elements->getCriteria(ElementType::Category);
$criteria->title = 'Hotel';
$accomodationTypeCategory = craft()->elements->findElements($criteria);

$entry = new EntryModel();
$entry->sectionId = 3;
$entry->typeId = 3;
$entry->authorId = 1;
$entry->enabled = true;
    'title'             => 'Test Entry', 
    'body'              => 'Testing', 
    'address'           => '101 Silver Avenue',
    'phone'             => '0209900292092',
    'websiteAddress'    => 'www.example.com',
    'towns'             => 'Newy', 
    'accommodationType' => array(

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