I have a route set up with a tag: news/tag/[tag] => news/_tag

How do I generate urls that will match that route for all possible tags (including tags with punctuation)?

How do I resolve that url back to a tag (including tags with punctuation)?

Note that twigs url_encode filter href="{{tag.name|url_encode}}" will generate urls that don't route to the template for some tags.

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To generate the url, use the slugify plugin: href="{{tag.name|slugify}}". Slugify uses Craft's slug technology, so the slugs are always recognized by the router.

To resolve the url back to a tag, use search in the news/_tag template:

{% set thisTag = craft.tags.search('name:"'~tag~'"').first() %}

craft.tags.name(tag).first() will often work, but not for all slugs, so this is also possible, and may be more efficient if that is an issue:

{% set thisTag = craft.tags.name(tag).first() %}
{% if not thisTag %} {% set thisTag = craft.tags.search('name:"'~tag~'"').first() %} {% endif %}

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