We just have experienced a massive hit (traffic) on our site due to a campaign and have noticed that the craft caching solution is not really working well for the templates/html. We are wondering if there is anything else and how we can set it up to cache to MEMCACHED or any other system instead of the database.

I found some interesting posts on Is there a way to override the template caching system?


PS also the render controller is not performing and is taking over 1s to complete. Any suggestions.

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The {% cache %} tag will only write to the database.

You don't provide many details, so all I can do is offer some general advice.

I'd double check how you're using the {% cache %} and make sure that you're not over-caching your data or caching lots of static data that might not need it.

You can always through something like Varnish/Fastly in front of Craft to help with template caching.

You can tell Craft to use things like memcache with the cacheMethod config setting, but that only affects Craft's non-template data caches.

  • Hi Thanks Brad, We have had a look at Fastly and Varnish and will probably go that route. Apr 27, 2015 at 14:49

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