How do I check what type my variable of (string, integer, boolean, array, dictionary, etc)?

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    Your solution may be the best one so far. It looks as if Twig has rejected adding this feature as it doesn't fall inline with the goals of Twig. github.com/fabpot/Twig/issues/595
    – Ian
    Jul 11, 2014 at 17:36

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I needed this feature today, so I've put together a simple plugin, which does the job: Craft-TwigTypeTest


{% set test_var = craft.entries %}

{% if test_var is of_type('object') %}
{% endif %}


{% set test_var = craft.entries %}

{{ test_var|get_type }}
{# Outputs: object #}
  • Very nice, Victor!
    – carlcs
    Jul 29, 2014 at 16:37

To my knowledge this is not possible natively in Twig. Depending on your situation / template needs here are some useful tests

{% if foo is iterable %}

Array or object

{% if foo is same as(true) %}

Basically identical to using === in php


I recently needed to check if a variable is a number. My first idea was to use the divisibleby test:

{% if var is divisible by(1) %}
{% endif %}

Unfurtunatelly twig returns true for every string passed to it.

But what you can do is to use regular expressions using the matches operator in the comparison. You'll note that I double escaped the dot and the meta-character \d, this is because of a twig bug (or put otherwise: wrong documentation of using regex here).

{# Match integer #}
{% if var matches '/^\\d+$/' %}
{% endif %}

{# Match floating point number #}
{% if var matches '/^[-+]?[0-9]*\\.?[0-9]+$/' %}
{% endif %}

I hit a snag for this where I needed to check if a value was a boolean type. This isn't the greatest approach, but it does work and is easy to interpret:

{% if value is same as(false) or value is same as(true) %}

Documentation: https://twig.symfony.com/doc/2.x/tests/sameas.html

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