When I write an article and save it, I want to verify my text. I don't want publish my article immediately. If I'm tired, I sometimes forget to disable the Lightswitch 'Status'. So, how can I disable it by default?


If you're using a Craft Client or Craft Pro, you can save your entry as a draft and review it later.

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This isn't foolproof either. If you wanted to really try to restrict yourself, you could set up another user account that doesn't have privileges to "Publish live changes."

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But again, this would require either a Craft Client or Craft Pro license.


As of Craft 2.6.2771, sections now have a “Default Entry Status” section.


There's no setting to define a default master status for entries, but there's locale specific statuses that can be set to a default in the section's settings.

This requires Craft Pro and more than one locale configured though.

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