I have been staring at this SE post on deleting using ajax and it's just not clicking.

For example, I have a plugin with a list of users. Each user has a delete icon next to it.


<td class="thin"><a class="delete delete-usericon" title="Delete" role="button" data-id="{{user.id}}" data-name={{user.name}}></a></td>

To get my javascript, I am using the init method in my main plugin class.


if (craft->request->isCpRequeset() && craft()->userSession->isLoggedIn())

So far, so good.


    var data = {
        'id': event.currentTarget.dataset.id,
        'csrfToken': // this is where i'm stuck

        'type': 'post',
        'contentType': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8',
        'cache': false,
        'url': 'path/to/deleteUser',
        'data': data,
        'dataType': 'json',
         'timeout': 5000


actionDeleteUser() {
    error_log(__FUNCTION__); // to just test im getting this far.

As you can imagine, I'm getting a 400 Bad Request The CSRF token could not be verified.

I can put a hidden text field on my users "home page" using {{getCsrfInput}} and then grab that value no problem.

If I log out my data object, I can see it's got the correct id and csrfToken but I will still get the 400.

I'm not sure how to pass the token along with the data to the controller just yet it seems.

Thank you for your time!


Well, I believe I see my error, but I'm confident there is a better way (at least I think there could be)

I wasn't passing the correct name/key.


var data = {
     'id': event.currentTarget.dataset.id,
     'CRAFT_CSRF_TOKEN': $('[name="CRAFT_CSRF_TOKEN"]).val()

I'm getting a 404 back now - great. I can figure that out. What i'm curious about is: Is there a better way?

I've put the {{getCsrfInput}} on my "home" page of my plugin that lists the users. I feel like i've just done a nice hack-job on my plugin.

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Here's how you can pass in the CSRF token via JavaScript: http://buildwithcraft.com/help/csrf-protection#updating-your-javascript

  • HOW DID I NOT FIND THIS!? Thank you!!
    – Damon
    Commented Apr 17, 2015 at 22:54

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