We are launching 2 different sites, using the same craft installation on multiple domains.

a.com and b.com

a.com points to the main craft install

b.com should point to a subpage/single in this same craft install. (So basically could be reached via a.com/subpage

What is the best craft internal way of doing this?

I know there is mod proxy..but we wanna handle it internally. So basically different "start" points for different domains or subdomains.

Thanks in advance.

  • A simple redirect is not what you're after, I assume? So a user loading b.com doesn't know that the same content is also available on a.com/sub?
    – carlcs
    Commented Apr 13, 2015 at 13:09
  • Exactly. The domain should be clean. In the end what im after is like having a another "single" acting as a homepage but triggered by specific domains only.
    – nexflo
    Commented Apr 13, 2015 at 13:11

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To do this, copy index.php and .htaccess from a.com’s webroot into b.com’s, and make sure the $craftPath variable is correct.

Then, around where $craftPath is getting defined, override $_GET['p'] to make Craft think that the URI actually started with subpath:

$craftPath = '../craft';

$_GET['p'] = 'subpath/' . (isset($_GET['p']) ? $_GET['p'] : '');

// ...

Now when you go to b.com/*, it will be the same as going to a.com/subpath/*.

If you want traffic going to b.com to stay on b.com, you will also need to make sure a.com/subpath is replaced with b.com in any Craft-generated URLs:

{{ url('foo')|replace('a.com/subpath', 'b.com') }}

That will also affect links on a.com, though. If you still want traffic on a.com/subpath to remain on a.com, then it’s slightly more complicated. In your craft/config/general.php file, add a custom domain config setting that varies depending on the requested domain:

return array(
    '*' => array(
        // ...
    'a.com' => array(
        // ...
        'domain' => 'a',
    'b.com' => array(
        // ...
        'domain' => 'b',

Then in your templates, only run that str_replace filter when the domain is b:

{% set url = url('foo') %}
{{ craft.config.domain == 'b' ? url|replace('a.com/subpath', 'b.com') : url }}

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