I’m trying to append a 'x2' to the end of a variable name to call another variable.

For example:

imgSize might be set to predefined variables like imgColumn4, imgColumn6 or imgColumn8. In that case I would also have imgColumn4x2, imgColumn6x2 and imgColumn8x2.

So to simplify the variables in a loop, I’d like to do something like:

{% set imageUrl = image.getUrl(imgSize) %}
{% set imageUrlx2 = image.getUrl(imgSize ~ 'x2') %}

imgSize ~ 'x2' does not work.

How can I join 'imgSize' and 'x2'?


There may be other ways also, but one approach is to use an array with key value pairs, which can be assigned and accessed more dynamically.

{{ sizeVars[imgSize ~ 'x2'] }}

You also might want to check out twigs attribute method.

{{ attribute(array, item) }}

Where 'item' can be a concatenated string.

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