I want to ensure that any attempt to set a date attribute on a model by way of populateModel() or myModel->foo = 'bar' (basically any method of setting a value) is intercepted so I can set a default if the value isn't valid.

Put another way, if you attempt to set a date prior to today (or a string that's not a date), I want to set the attribute to be today's date.

Currently I'm doing that in my populateModel() method but that doesn't catch the setAttribute('foo') approach or the myModel->foo approach.

For example in Laravel, we can create a setter method: setFooAttribute() so I was hoping for something similar.


In your model you can override setAttribute(), which covers calling setAttribute('foo', 'bar') directly as well as $model->foo = 'bar'.

public function setAttribute($name, $value)
    if ($name == 'foo')
        // Not sure if your value will be a dateTime object, string, etc.
        // But check to see if it's < than today's current date.  If so,
        // set $value = new DateTime();

    parent::setAttribute($name, $value)

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