I want to display on entry view page, related entries to current tags. So far, I came to displaying basic entry's object, but I don't know How to get in matrix field and pull the first image.

Images are stored in matrixFieldHandle -> blockTypeHandle -> imageFieldHandle.

For outputting related entries to current tags I use:

{# Set ECM for related entries to current tags #}
{% set tag = entry.keywords %}
{% set relatedEntries = craft.entries.relatedTo(tag).id('not ' ~ entry.id).limit(8).find() %}

{% for entry in relatedEntries %}
    {{ entry.title }}
{% endfor %}

I think entry.matrixFieldHandle.type('blockTypeHandle') is what you're looking for. Putting it together, it'd be something like:

{% set tag = entry.keywords %}
{% set relatedEntries = craft.entries.relatedTo(tag).id('not ' ~ entry.id).limit(8) %}

{% for relatedEntry in relatedEntries %}

    {% set matrixBlock = relatedEntry.matrixFieldHandle.type('blockTypeHandle').first() %}

    {% if matrixBlock %}

        {% set asset = matrixBlock.imageFieldHandle.first() %}

        {% if asset %}

            <h1>{{ relatedEntry.title }}</h1>
            {{ asset.img }}

        {% endif %}

    {% endif %}

{% endfor %}
  • Somehow, I had it like that, before I've posted the question, except I moved the element criteria model outside the for loop to save DB query, I think. However I do, I get either the first image of all asset's images, or either none image. Sometimes I get message error - object couldn't be converted to string. Apr 5 '15 at 9:19
  • At the first and this time, it's correct @Adam Gilleard. I was extending within if statement elseif, which was throwing me errors. Now it's fixed. Thanks Apr 7 '15 at 11:01

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