I'm running Craft Pro 2.3.2640.

Here is the code:

<span>{{ siteUrl }}</span>

Here is the output:


The opening tag stays intact.

I am also struggling to use this variable with functions like "replace" when I need to parse the referral url.

  • Do you set it in config/general.php and why do you omit the "http:" part?
    – carlcs
    Mar 18, 2015 at 11:06

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Try to set the siteUrl in config/general.php like so.

return array(
    '*' => array(
    'localhost' => array(
        'siteUrl' => 'http://localhost:3001/',

And then apply your replace filter.

<span>{{ siteUrl|replace({'localhost:3001': 'mysite.com'}) }}</span>

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