I'm building a plugin and have a form in the plugin's CP page that allows admins to save access codes. The form is a simple textarea where each line is a separate access code.

I'm wondering what the best practice is in terms of inserting these records into the database?


// This returns an array of codes to be inserted
$codes = explode("\r\n", craft()->request->getPost('codes'));

foreach($codes as $code) {
    $codeModel = new Portal_CodeModel();
    $codeModel->code = $code;
    $codeModels[] = $codeModel;

$success = craft()->portal_code->addCodes($codeModels);


public function addCodes($codes) {

    foreach($codes as $code) {

          'code'        => $code,
          'code_used'   => 0




class Portal_CodeRecord extends BaseRecord {

    public function getTableName() {
        return 'portal_codes';

    protected function defineAttributes() {
        return array(
            'code'          => AttributeType::String,
            'code_used'     => AttributeType::Bool
  • I know there are probably several issues with the above code. If there are any good examples on how to insert multiple records that'd be a huge help. – Brett DeWoody Mar 9 '15 at 22:12

Go with #1. It looks like you've already got a Portal_CodeModel created, you just need to populate them from the controller, perform validation (if any), then pass the array of Portal_CodeModel objects to your service.

You'll want to remove the Portal_CodeModel type hint from your service's addCodes signature (or change it to array) since you're passing in an array of objects, instead of a single one.

Here's an example in your controller with any code validation:

$codeModels = array();
$codes = explode("\r\n", craft()->request->getPost('codes'));

$success = craft()->portal_code->addCodes($codes);

And in your service:

public function addCodes($codes)

    foreach($codes as $code)
        $existingCode = Portal_CodeRecord::model()->findByAttributes(array(
            'code' => $code,

        if ($existingCode)
            $existingCode->code_used = 1;

            {# or whatever else you want to do when the code already exists in the database #}
            $codeRecord = new Portal_CodeRecord();
            $codeRecord->code = $code;
            $codeRecord->code_used = 0;


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  • I get the following error with this setup: The active record cannot be inserted to database because it is not new. – Brett DeWoody Mar 10 '15 at 3:54
  • You'll have to share the actual PHP service code you're using when you get that error, but most likely you're calling insert on a code that already exists in the database when you should be calling update. – Brad Bell Mar 10 '15 at 3:56
  • I updated the question based on comments. – Brett DeWoody Mar 10 '15 at 4:16
  • From all the examples I've seen it shows the instance being created in the service, and then using instanceName->save(); – Brett DeWoody Mar 10 '15 at 16:30
  • Updated answer. – Brad Bell Mar 10 '15 at 16:45

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