I have the following in my routes.php file:

return array(
    'articles/(?P<sectionId>\d+)/(?P<offset>\d+)' => 'articles/index'

And while localhost/articles/4/1, for example, routes properly to the template, localhost/articles/4/0 does not and I instead get a 404.

Is there an issue with zeros being picked up as valid URI segments?


An easy fix could be to define an additional route without the offset parameter:

return array(
    'articles/(?P<sectionId>\d+)' => 'articles/index',
    'articles/(?P<sectionId>\d+)/(?P<offset>\d+)' => 'articles/index',

In your template, you'd need to check if the offset parameter is defined, and if not, set it to 0:

{{ offset | default( 0 ) }}


{% set offset = offset is defined ? offset : 0 %}


Another way to solve this is by making the offset segment capturing group optional, as per @carlcs' answer to this question – in my opinion this is a bit more elegant than having two different routes:

return array(
    'articles/(?P<sectionId>\d+)(/(?P<offset>\d+))?' => 'articles/index',

The trick here is wrapping the last segment in parentheses, appending a question mark at the end.

  • 1
    Mats, probably a good workaround. Just wanted to add that there's also this ternary syntax possible: {% set offset = offset is defined ?: 0 %}.
    – carlcs
    Mar 7 '15 at 11:43
  • @carlcs – Nice one, even more succinct :) Mar 7 '15 at 12:06

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