When hitting the "forgot password" link on the CP login form, an email is sent but the URL provided returns "Bad Request Param "id" doesn't exist."

Is this a bug or have I done something silly?

This is a site running on a local development environment with Craft 2.3.2636

  • Can you enable devMode, reproduce the issue, then immediately zip up your craft/storage/runtime/logs folder and send it to [email protected]?
    – Brad Bell
    Mar 4, 2015 at 19:45

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I know why this happens - we have the same problem. It is related to the escaping of the & in the password reset URL not being escaped:


somehow, this arrives at our (and your I guess) server as:


Then the code is abcd and a parameter called amp;id is 1234.

In our case, we have craft setup to send HTML emails, and have an email template like:

Click here to reset your password: {{link}}

and end up with the link http://yoursite/admin/actions/users/setpassword?code=abcd&id=1234 directly in the HTML - this is WRONG, since the & symbol has to be escaped as &.

Now, we could compensate, and make our template:

Click here to reset: {{link|escape}}

Then we get correct HTML, but the plain-text version of the email is now broken.

AFAIK there is no way to have separate templates for text and html emails in craft?

I guess your problem is also HTML emails, OR you have a user with an overzealous email client, that adds the escape of the & for you.


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