I have created a field for the homepage called icon_font. I now want to access that field in my template. What is the best way to do that? Do I have to use a for loop (even though there is only one homepage)? Any help is appreciated.



EDIT: Note, the template in question is NOT my homepage template, but rather a different template which relates to a different section.


First you'll need to get your homepage entry:

{% set homepage = craft.entries.slug('homepage').first() %}

Then, you can call the field you need from homepage:

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If your homepage is a Single section and you've checked the "This is for the homepage" checkbox in the section's settings, all you should need to do is:

{{ entry.icon_font }}

From the template you specified in the section's settings.

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  • That works on my homepage template, but I am trying to access this from a different page template related to a different section (sorry I didn't mention that above). – Moshe Feb 19 '15 at 22:33

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