I'm trying to build a search function that excludes results from certain sections all together. This is the code I was trying to use.

{% set entries = craft.entries.search(query).section('not testimonials, not authors').id('not 2').order('score') %}

When I use just one section, it works fine:

{% set entries = craft.entries.search(query).section('not authors').id('not 2').order('score') %}

Any thoughts on how I could construct this query?

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The trick is to add and once before the first not

{% set entries = craft.entries.search(query).section('and, not this, not that') %}
  • in Craft 4.x you would write it the following way: .section(['not', 'this','that','someOther'])
    – outline4
    Commented Jul 4, 2023 at 17:00

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