I'm looking to be able to return the info from a field(s) from a Matrix row where I know which row I want (long story). I had a guess at various ways of doing this, but in the end the only way that worked was to run the loop with an if statement to limit the output to a given row's id, e.g:

{% for block in entry.bodyRepeater %}
    {% if loop.index==2 %}
    <h3>{{ block.heading }}</h3>
    {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

Guessing there might be a better way though?


This works but using this code can be a problem if you are dealing with a huge number of rows.

To access the n-th row, you can use:

{{ entry.blockRepeater.findElementAtOffset(n-1).heading }}

I found this method in the ElementCriteriaModel class. You can test if a certain row exists using entry.blockRepeater.offsetExists(n).

{% set block = entry.bodyRepeater.nth(2) %}

{% if block %}
    <h3>{{ block.heading }}</h3>
{% endif %}

Craft 2.2 introduced the nth method to ElementCriteriaModel objects for fetching the element at a specific offset. It's more convienient to use this instead of a combination of the undocumented offsetExists and findElementAtOffset methods.


I managed to do this for a quiz, getting the row from the url

{% set theRow = craft.request.getParam('row') %} 

Just remember zero is the first row.

  • entry.matrixField[1] queries for all the blocks, so it isn't a whole lot more efficient then the loop approach in the question.
    – carlcs
    Apr 19 '16 at 8:41

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