This piece of code used to work to retrieve 1 featured (lightswitch) entry per category.

{% for category in craft.categories %}      
    {% set entries = craft.entries.find({
      section:    'news',
      limit:      '1',
      featured : '1',
      search :"category:" ~ category.title,
      order :'postDate desc'
    }) %}

Somehow I have to save a entry twice now before it appears. Any ideas whats wrong? Is this a craft bug?

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There’s currently a bug with storing keywords based on related elements, which we’re looking into. Using the search parameter for this isn’t really the right way to go anyway, though.

Instead you should be using the relatedTo param:

{% set entries = craft.entries.find({
    section:   'news',
    limit:     1,
    featured:  1,
    relatedTo: { targetElement: category, field: 'category' },
    order:     'postDate desc'
}) %}


The aforementioned bug was fixed in Craft 2.1.2563. You’re still better off using the relatedTo param though.


Fixed a typo in the above code block.

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