I want to create an entry in an existing channel via a webhook from zoho crm. It's pretty straightforward. Like many apps, Zoho's webhook allows you to specify destination url, the method (get or post), and what parameters to pass.

Do I need to create a plugin to receive this form post or is there another way?

I'm a plugin newbie, so any links on where to start would be helpful.

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    Check out this question which is very similar (only dealing with users instead of entries, but same principles apply). See if that helps. Feb 16 '15 at 21:03

You would need to set this up using a plugin. The plugin would, at a minimum, contain a controller, with an 'action' method designed to handle the url request and generate an entry; using 'post' or 'get' to pass parameters to the controller action.

public function actionAddEntry()
    // retrieve parameters
    $title             = craft()->request->getParam('title');
    $customField1      = craft()->request->getParam('customField1');
    $customField2      = craft()->request->getParam('customField2');

    // create a new entry model and set content attributes
    $entry = new entryModel();
    $entry->sectionId  = 2; 
    $entry->typeId     = 2; 
    $entry->authorId   = 1; 
    $entry->enabled    = true;

        'title'        => $title,     
        'customField1' => $customField1,
        'customField2' => $customField2,

    // save entry
    $success = craft()->entries->saveEntry($entry);

    // handle success or failure
    if ($success) {
        // log result or send yourself an email or whatever
    } else {
        // log error

By default however, controller actions are only accessible to logged-in users. If you want to allow anonymous access you would need to specifically allow it using the $allowAnonymous property. This definitely introduces some security issues, so proceed with caution. Ideally you would want to set up some kind of authentication, or only accept requests from known hosts.

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