Is it possible to start a matrix loop from a particular block ID?

I am trying to set a new block called "New Page" so that an author can split an article into multiple pages.

Currently it's able to detect a page break and exit out of the block field loop. I have also identified the next block's ID.

{% set nextBlockAfterPageBreak = contentBlock.getNext().id %}

Now what I'd like to be able to do is to get all blocks from nextBlockAfterPageBreak.

So for example,

{% for contentBlock in matrixField where firstBlock = 237 %}

Does anybody know if this is possible?


offset works for matrix blocks the same way it does for entries.

So you can do this to skip the first 12

{# skip the first 12 blocks #}
{% for contentBlock in matrixField.offset(12) %}
{% endfor %}

I managed to solve this by using this...

{% for contentBlock in matrixField.id('>=237') %}

In reality 237 is defined in a segment.

But it occurred to me that the ID of the block isn't necessarily the order of the block within the Matrix - for example if I add a new block and that's given an ID of 200, and I drag it up - it still remains as 200.

ID != Position

So to resolve this I took advantage of loop.index0 to identify the true order of the row. I then wrap the switch statement within a conditional...

{% if loop.index0>=craft.request.getSegment(3) %}

Now I can output only the rows after the page break.

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