Is it possible to get the Font Color plugin into Redactor?

I tried adding it to my redactor json file as below but no luck.

buttons: ['html','fontcolor','table','formatting','bold','italic','alignment','unorderedlist','horizontalrule','orderedlist','outdent', 'indent','link','image','video'],
plugins: ['fullscreen','video','table','fontcolor'],
toolbarFixedBox: true

Font Color Redactor Plugin - http://imperavi.com/redactor/plugins/font-color/

I'm not sure what the correct process is to get it working in my Craft admin.

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The plugin doesn't come with Craft. You have to manually install it with a Craft plugin, but luckily this is easy to do:

  • Set up your new Craft plugin (→ "Plugin Development - Setting Things Up")
  • Download the Redactor plugin and copy it to craft/plugins/myplugin/resources/
  • Load the Redactor plugin JS file from the init function:
  • Thanks Carlcs, i didn't realise how easy it was to set up a little plugin like that.
    – ljm
    Feb 2, 2015 at 23:29

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