Not trying to do anything fancy here, just trying to have a "tag" view similar to my category view (which uses the same template), however, when I add my link, /blog/{{ tag|slugify}} (I'm using Slugify to generate a slug out of the tag name.), it returns the "Unable to find the template “_layoutâ€" error. This should load the /blog/index.html template but it is not. My category view is working as well as the main load. (I am getting the same error when trying to do an author /blog/{{ entry.author.username }}) What am I missing?

  • As it turns out, that error was a 404 and I had an error in my {% extends = "" %} path. I'm still not sure why I can't get that path to return? Shouldn't I be able to list entries related to a tag vs. category vs. all on the same /blog/index.html template? – Ryan Shrum Jul 2 '14 at 19:51

And the winner is, routing... Adding in dynamic routing got me squared away.

If the URI looks like this: blog/*

Load this template: blog/index

One thing to note (as documented in the docs), your URI should not begin with a slash (/).

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