I've been searching for a method to load in an existing entries drafts. Here is what I am trying to implement.

User can add or edit an entry from the front end of my craft site. They cannot publish. Admin can see new drafts and publish them.

I see how to submit a draft update via the front end using the entryRevisions/saveDraft method. But how can I load in the current entries draft information into a form on the front end for a user to edit? Hopefully I missed this, or is it undocumented.

  • possible duplicate of Does Craft Have Publishing Workflow?
    – carlcs
    Jan 22 '15 at 16:33
  • Not a duplicate. That post has absolutely no reference to the draft system or the method I'm looking for.
    – etx
    Jan 22 '15 at 16:47
  • 1
    Yep right, thought you meant save without publish. Sorry!
    – carlcs
    Jan 22 '15 at 17:47

After doing some digging around I found the getDraftsByEntryId(entryId, locale) method of the craft.entryRevisions service that might help.

The following should return the first draft of an entry. Note: there is a second argument for 'locale', which defaults to current locale if none provided. Also not sure whether 'first' or 'last' would be considered the most recent draft.

{% set drafts = craft.entryRevisions.getDraftsByEntryId(entry.id) %}
{% if drafts|length %}
    {% set draft = drafts[0] %}
    {{ draft.title }}
{% endif %}

You will need to load the entry manually (i.e. through a custom route of some kind) as the draft's entry is likely to be 'disabled' (although not necessarily) and thus not load through the entry's default url. Something like '/mysection/edit/slug' perhaps (where 'slug' is a custom route token).

{% set entry = craft.entries({
    section: 'mysection',
    slug: slug
    status: null
}).first() %}
  • Works like a charm! Not sure how I missed that method, but thanks for the help.
    – etx
    Jan 23 '15 at 15:16

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