Is there a way to rename a tag, globally, within the Craft CP?

If not directly, would the Find and Replace tool include tags?

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As of Craft 2.0 you can rename tags by double-clicking on them.

Tag editor modal


A section to manage existing tags (renaming, editing, adding, deleting) is on the list.

Unfortunately you can't use the 'Find and Replace'-tool:

Added a new Find and Replace tool in Settings, for finding/replacing text within all Rich/Plain Text fields (including ones in a Matrix field).

See the Changelog of 2.0.2524

Currently you can only solve this with a custom plugin or by editing tags directly in the database

Edit: See Brandon's answer.

  • Thanks for the info about the "Find and Replace" tool, Victor! Always wondered what it does..
    – carlcs
    Jul 2, 2014 at 14:35

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