Is there a max image file resolution set up in Craft CMS that can be uploaded?

I'm trying to upload a series of .jpg images in a Matrix to create a gallery, and I've noticed I'm not able to upload any file that is over somewhere around 4000px in width.

At first I believed it was something to do with the PHP file upload limit, but I'm able to upload .jpg files that were over 5mb with a 2880px width.

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Craft does have the maxUploadFileSize config setting (defaults to 16MB). If what you're trying to upload is under that size, you're probably running into environmental limitations. I'd check your php.ini file's post_max_size, memory_limit and max_execution_time settings as a starting point.

  • I recently switched the site from my MAMP, over to the live server in a dev folder for loading assets. I believe it may be something to do with file permissions, as I've had to make quite a few changes. This is my first Craft build so I'm sure I'm forgetting something easy. PHP Version 5.3.29 post_max_size: 100M memory_limit: 96M max_execution_time: 90 Jan 8, 2015 at 19:26

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