Is there a tuple data structure in Twig? If there is, how do you create one?


None that I'm aware of. Since Twig ultimately gets compiled down to PHP and PHP doesn't have first-class citizen support for tuples, you're limited there. You can quasi-fake them with arrays and the list function, but I don't think there is a Twig equivalent for list.

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No tuples per se. You can use arrays:

{% set a = ['a', 'b'] %}
{{ a[0] }}

You can use objects:

{% set o = {'first': 'a', 'second': 'b'} %}
{{ o.first }} or {{ attribute(o, 'first') }}

merge is very useful for constructing arrays and objects:

{% set a = a | merge(['c']) %}
{% set o = o | merge({'third': 'c'}) %}
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