I'd like to attach children to a specific Structure entry in a specific order...

  • Entry A
  • Entry B
    • Imported Entry 2
    • Imported Entry 1
    • Imported Entry 3
  • Entry C

I've got a $records array to turn into imported entries:

    'name'      => 'Whatever',
    'updated_at' => '2014-02-27T04:14:29Z',
    'position'   => 1, // int representing the sort order

As I'm looping through my array to create new Craft Structure Entries, I need to be able to define the parent (Entry B), I'm just not sure how. I've figured out how to attach new children to Entry B, I just don't know how to programmatically set their order. My imagination writes code that looks like this:

$parentCriteria = craft()->elements->getCriteria(ElementType::Entry);

$parentCriteria->search  = 'slug:entry-b';
$parentCriteria->section = 'sectionName';
$parentCriteria->type    = 'sectionType';

$entries = $parentCriteria->find();
$parent = $entries[0];

foreach ($records as $row)
    $entry = new EntryModel();

    $entry->sectionId = 4;
    $entry->typeId    = 4;
    $entry->parentId  = $parent->id;
    $entry->authorId  = 1;
    $entry->postDate  = $row->updated_at;
    $entry->title     = $row->name;
    $entry->sortOrder = $row->position; // ← quite impossible!

    $success = craft()->entries->saveEntry($entry);

It's $entry->sortOrder that's completely made up—how do you attach an entry to a specific parent in a specific order?

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If you're adding them all as new entries anyway, why not just sort the records before you create the entries?

usort($records, array($this, 'sortCategoriesByPosition'));

Add that before your foreach loop, then...

private function sortCategoriesByPosition($a, $b)
    if ($a->position == $b->position)
        return 0; 

    return ($a->position < $b->position) ? -1 : 1;

Stop trying to make things harder than they should be.

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