when trying to insert a guest entry i get the following response from craft: You don’t have the proper credentials to access this page.

What can i do to avoid this and still insert the entry to craft? It needs to be an anonymous user.

Thanks in advance,

  • Are you testing as a logged out user on the front-end? – Brad Bell Dec 9 '14 at 17:24

Be sure that you're testing as a logged-out user on the front-end of the site. If you have an active Craft session, you could be getting a false positive error message.

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I ran into this issue too, but there is another cause to this error. Go into Settings > Users > Settings in the Control Panel and ensure "Allow public registration?" is checked, it's unchecked by default.

Then it's also worth adding a conditional to the registration page to test if they are logged in or not, to ensure the error can never be triggered for a logged in user too.

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It sounds like all you need is the guest entries plugin from Pixel & Tonic


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I got this error because I worked locally, uploaded my templates to the server but did not import my local db to the remote db since I work with a team and needed to preserve the online, active db.

Therefore, I needed to recreate fields, sections, entries, and plugin settings on the server CMS, but I forgot to change the sectionId hidden in my template to reflect what the new channel's section ID was. On my local it was 13, but when I created it on the server, it was 12 and I just needed to change it in the code in the from like so:

<input type="hidden" name="sectionId" value="12">

Hope that helps someone out there.

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More recently, you're required to install the Guest Entries plugin and configure it to allow public posts. Without said configuration, submissions will be rejected one way or another.

configure the thing

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