I am creating a plugin where the user is submitting data to a controller.

With a successful saving of the data in the controller/service I want to honour the standardised redirect param:

<input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="success/{stripeId}"/>

The stripeId is a property of the PaymentModel $payment being passed to the redirectToPostedUrl param:


This works in that when the person is redirected the person is brought to page desired with url like this:


The problem is that craft cannot find the success template and the success page does not show since it is trying to find a template a success/ directory called ch_5GW2RFTNvW8qeR.html

2 Solutions I have found:

Option 1) My plugin users need to set up a route manually in the control panel to allow this to resolve correctly (and have full control over where the success page is and what the url looks like):

image of manual route setup

Option 2) The other option is that I use the Plugin hook registerSiteRoutes to register a front end route to that template. The obvious problem with that is I either need to make that hard coded, or user configurable (pain).

Since I would obviously need to make it user configurable, it kinda defeats the purpose of the user of the plugin being able to decide the name="redirect" value="success/{stripeId}" in the first place. I would imagine I would have to come up with my own redirection/routing config and logic. I understand this is not a problem in the control panel actions since I know what I want my urls to be, but as a plugin developer I want to give flexibility to users of my plugin to choose their front-end urls.

Any thoughts? I am leaning towards having to put into the documentation of my plugin that they need to do option 1 above, but still think its not optimal.

Edit: Just had another idea. Option 3) Since I will be giving my users demo templates for the front end forms on installation - should I possibly create a route in the craft_routes table for the user? That way on first install everything should work without needing to manually set up a bunch of routes manually to match my demo templates.

  • Couldn't you also just redirect to http://web.dev/success?id=ch_5GW2RFTNvW8qeR
    – Brad Bell
    Commented Dec 5, 2014 at 16:54
  • yes indeed Brad, will consider that the best option so far. Not as aesthetically pleasing but works!!! You the man, have a drink of water. Commented Jan 15, 2015 at 14:54

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Maybe not the prettiest URL, but I think the simplest solution would be to redirect to something like:


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