I've found information on how to upload an asset as part of creating an entry. What I am trying to do is upload an asset from the frontend without creating an entry. I have a logged in user, and what I would like them to be able to do is upload an asset to a folder that is unique to that user (folder name = username). Help?

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That's not going to be possible to do without a plugin.

The plugin would need to provide its own Controller which does the following:

  1. Grab info about the uploaded file using UploadedFile::getInstanceByName()
  2. Determine the ID of the asset folder you want to upload the file to using AssetsService::findFolder()
  3. Move the file into the folder using AssetsService::insertFileByLocalPath()

Here’s an example:

// Get info about the uploaded file
$file = UploadedFile::getInstanceByName('fileInputName');
$tempFilePath = $file->getTempName();

// Find the target folder
$folder = craft()->assets->findFolder(array(
    'sourceId' => 1,
    'path'     => 'subfolder/path/'

// Turn the file into a managed asset within that folder

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