I updated to Craft 2.3 and noticed that the Table button is now missing from my Rich Text fields?

How can I get that button back?


Update: since version 2.3.2621 Craft comes with Redactor's table plugin preinstalled again. So there's no need to do anything special, simply add it to your Redactor json config.

Craft 2.3 now comes with a new version of Redactor. With the release of Redactor 10 non-essential functionality was removed from Redactor's core and is now released as separate plugins.

So, to get the Table function back, you have to add the Redactor Table plugin to Craft.

You can download and save the plugin into craft/app/resources/lib/redactor/plugins/ or you can make a little Craft plugin that adds this Redactor plugin to Craft.

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    Because I initially thought you just had to add it to the 'buttons' part of the config... you currently add it to your Redactor config 'plugins' line, like: plugins: ['fullscreen', 'table'],. Jun 25 '15 at 13:31

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