How can I send a confirmation Mail to the user who submits the form within the ContactForm Plugin ?


Apparently someone made a plugin that's doing exactly that https://straightupcraft.com/craft-plugins/contact-form-receipts

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Make your own little plugin that listens to the plugin's contactForm.beforeSend event and sends the confirmation mail.

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  • Uuuh. Me making a plugin? Unfortunately not. So I guess its not possible out of the box. – KSPR Dec 2 '14 at 14:27

Just saw this, it is possible without building a plugin by hacking the standard contactform plugin. In the file contactformservive.php add:

$email->cc = array(
    array('name' => $message->fromName, 'email' => $message->replyTo)

after $email->body

This will send an EXACT copy to the form submitter. It has one drawback that I noticed; the reply address is also the submitter, so if he/she wants to answer that mail it will return to him/herself. You could add a notion in the body with a standard reply address to prevent this.

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