I am trying to create a new entry via a form post that will come from a third party, by doing this in my plugin's service class:

$entry = EntryModel::populateModel(array(
    'sectionId' => 1, 
    'typeId' => 2

$entry->getContent()->setAttribute('reference', craft()->request->getPost('someReferenceField'));


The reference field is a custom FieldType (https://github.com/fuel-digital/Craft-Unique-Text-FieldType/blob/develop/uniquetextfield/fieldtypes/UniqueTextField_UniqueTextFieldType.php) where I am validating the submitted value is unique for this EntryType (in this case an Entry rather than a User/Asset/etc).

That FieldType works fine in the control panel but I'm getting an error when submitting via my plugin as $this->element is null within the FieldType's valueExists() method.

I can get around this by creating a new EntryModel like so:

 * Checks if another entry exists with the given value
 * @param  string $value The value to check
 * @return bool
private function valueExists($value)
    if ( ! $this->element)
        $this->element = new EntryModel();

    $existing = craft()->elements->getCriteria($this->element->elementType)->first(array(
        $this->model->handle => $value

    return ($existing && $existing->id != $this->element->id);

But that means the FieldType will only work with Entry elements, and not Users, Assets etc.

As the plugin works fine in the control panel, I assume I'm missing something in my plugin service?

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Found a solution by how Entry Form handles it.

Assuming you've posted fields with names such as jobData[reference]:

$fieldsLocation = craft()->request->getParam('fieldsLocation', 'jobData');


The setContentFromPost() method of the EntriesController class sets the ElementType.

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