I'm trying to add a "convenience" link from within a plugin to it's general settings page. In the General Settings custom cpTriggers and baseCpUrl can be set to custom values and I'm wondering if there is a easy Craft variable to retrieve a link to the site's correct settings page. It would create something like this in a template.


Any thoughts? I could write some logic in the plugin to dig it out but it seems like I might be overlooking something obvious. Any thoughts?

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Add a public getSettingsUrl() function to your main plugin file that returns a URL string.

A full URL is not required -- you can simply return "pluginname/settings".

If this is left blank, a simple settings page will be provided, filled with whatever getSettingsHtml() returns.

You can then get the URL from elsewhere in Craft using the PluginsService.


or PluginsVariable:

{{ craft.plugins.getPlugin('pluginname').getSettingsUrl }}

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