I would like to get all the fields (with their handles and values) for a given global set.

For example : My set is called 'labels'. I know I can get the set by using :

$criteria = craft()->elements->getCriteria(ElementType::GlobalSet);
$criteria->handle = 'labels';
$labels = $criteria->first();

Or with :

$labels = craft()->globals->getSetByHandle('labels');

Then I can get a specific data with


But how can I get all the data/fields in the set ? I would like to have an array or an object with all my labels (in my controller I return the value using returnJson).

Thanks for your help !


Have a look at the answer given here to someone trying to solve this in the template. With a plugin you'd probably do it like so:

public function getFieldsByEntry($entryModel)
    $fields = array();
    $fieldLayoutFields = $entryModel->getFieldLayout()->getFields();
    foreach ($fieldLayoutFields as $fieldLayoutField)
        $fields[] = craft()->fields->getFieldById($fieldLayoutField->fieldId);
    return $fields;

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