Im using a pretty standard method for calling for entries, but with one small caveat in that I'm setting the limit inside a variable which is passed through to an include

so my index.twig file is like so

{% include 'homepage/_latest' with {'postCount' : 9} %}

and my homepage/_latest file has the following

{% cache %}
{% set latest = craft.entries.section('blog').limit(postCount ? postCount : 12) %}

<div class="entries entries--latest">

    {% for entry in latest %}

    {% include 'blocks/_entry-item-latest' %}

    {% endfor %}


{% endcache %}

Is that variable the issue for me/ I save a post and it doesnt know up on the homepage. I had it setup to invalidate every 15 minutes, but we put out 3-4 posts a day so theres no real need to invalidate that content every 15 minutes

  • I'm pretty sure that wouldn't affect it. What happens if you remove it as a test.
    – Brad Bell
    Commented Nov 20, 2014 at 21:18

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If I understand you correctly, you’d basically need it to store separate caches depending on the limit.

The way to do that would be to set a custom key on the {% cache %} tag with the using key param:

{% if postCount is not defined or not postCount %}
    {% set postCount = 12 %}
{% endif %}

{% cache using key "homepage/_latest:"~postCount %}
    {% set latest = craft.entries.section('blog').limit(postCount) %}
{% endcache %}

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