I have a front end form where I set have

<input type="hidden" name="enabled" value="1">

I also need to set the postDate to a date in the future. Does setting enabled = 1 reset the postDate in all cases? Or should I just forego the enabled form field altogether in favor of Setting postDate?


Setting enabled = 1 will not alter your postDate.

If you were to set a postDate in the future, the entry would simply not show up (by default). However, if you'd want enabled entries with a future postDate to show up in your template results, use:

{% set futureEntries = craft.entries.status('pending') %}

If you do not use the status criterium, it will default to live, which is all enabled entries with a postDate in the past. So, it all depends on how you display the entries, not so much on how you save them.

Also, see this Craft docs information on status.

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