I have a forgotpassword form on my front-end. This works and generates reset password e-mails. But the reset url leads not to the front-end, but to the back-end.

What I've already tried to fix the problem:

  • setpassword template on the front-end (setpassword.html)
  • route setpassword to setpassword.html

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help!

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I've found the problem: The test account had control panel privileges and was therefore redirected to the control panel set password page. This behaviour makes absolutely sense.


Try checking out this config setting http://buildwithcraft.com/docs/config-settings#setPasswordPath

Add your path in the craft/config/general.php

return array(
    'setPasswordPath' => 'login/set-password' // or wherever your template is

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