Why am I getting only one result with the following query?

$query = craft()->db->createCommand();
$entryRecord = $query->select('craft_content.field_releaseDate, craft_content.title, craft_entries.id, craft_entries.dateCreated')->from('content')->join('entries', 'craft_content.elementId = craft_entries.id')->where('craft_entries.sectionId=2')->queryRow();

Also the documentation says that the table prefix isn't required, but this doesn't work most of the time, weird.


Completely untested but it looks like you're just querying a row instead of all.

Update queryRow() to queryAll()


The table prefix isn't required, and will mess up your results if you add it.

However, when you refer to a new table (as in "join"), you'll want to alias the table for consistent use:

join('entries entries', 'content.elementId = entries.id')

The first entries is your table reference (sans prefix).

The second entries is your new alias, referenced by entries.id.

Regardless, Peter's answer is spot on.

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