3 sections:

  • Works
  • Discography
  • Interpretes

In "Discography"

Matrix block calling entries from "Interpretes"

In "Works"

Relational field pulling entries from "Discography"

In that Work template I need to display the related entry title from Discography (first part of the code below: working) and the related Interpretes selected in Discography (second part of the code: not working)

Is that possible?

{# This first part displays correctly: #}

{% set relatedRecords = craft.entries.section('contenuDiscographie').relatedTo(entry) %}
{% for record in relatedRecords %}

        <li><a href="{{ record.url }}">{{ record.title }}</a></li>

{# And trying to display the related entries from "Interpretes". That's where I'm stuck: #}

    {% for block in entry.compDiscographie %}

        {% set relatedPerformers = craft.entries.section('interpretes').relatedTo(block) %}
        {% for performer in relatedPerformers %}
            {{ performer.title }}
        {% endfor %}

    {% endfor %}

{% endfor %}

Tried to be as clear as possible... Thanks


You access the wrong variable to get to you "compDiscographie" Matrix field. It should be:

{% for block in record.compDiscographie %}

Another thing to change here is to add the type parameter, as you probably have other Matrix block types in that field (if not, why did you choose Matrix?):

{% for block in record.compDiscographie.type('myPerformersBlockTypeName') %}

Then you should be good. Oh, and you better have that <ul> outside your loop!

  • that did it: {% for block in record.discoArtistes %}. Where discoArtistes is the Matrix handle. Thanks!
    – jjem
    Nov 10 '14 at 12:11

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